1. Golfing with Oscar de la Hoya
  2. Jared Leto on Extra TV
  3. Spandau Ballet at Kimmel Show

Golfing with Oscar de la Hoya!

We attended the annual LAPD golf tournament which was held at a golf course in Pasadena on May 31st 2014.
Oscar de la Hoya picked me out to make his shot for him on the ninth hole! He said if I made it he would give me ringside tickets to a fight he was promoting in Vegas on July 12th, my hubby nearly fainted on the spot!

I missed the first shot as I was playing with his left handed putter so I was given a righty instead and just missed the second go, everyone including Oscar thought it was in and I think he felt bad so gave me another go and bingo, it went in! Oscar high fived me and walked back to my hubby with me and we gave Oscar our details and he said someone from his company will be contacting us which they did the following week.  We were given tickets to the Canello vs Lara fight which was amazing!